Saturday, June 26, 2004

9,950 words and some nice tights

  • BOOK UPDATE: I am now up to 9,950 words in my novel. That's almost twice the number of words that exist on the whole of this blog at the moment. Today's post is my 30th, by the way.
    Using the word "novel" is rather haughty, isn't it? Book.
    One of the things I'm learning about the book-writing process is that it is about as fun as knee surgery. There's a great deal of revision. Actually, you get drugs with knee surgery, don't you? That might be more fun than going back over your words again and again and again.
    With the lovely Mrs. Cope in Washington, D.C., until Tuesday I should have plenty of time to write (and revise and revise) over the next few days.

  • Speaking of Washington, D.C., my interview on WJFK 106.7's "The Wedding Show" is tomorrow!
    I'm so excited that I used an exclamation mark.
    Tune in and listen to me bomb live on air at 3 p.m. EST.

  • The mysterious Professor Wrestling offers his predictions for WWE's Great American Bash. My favourite line: "Eddie should retain the belt and get his own gig on CNBC: "Invest in spinner rims, Homes."

  • I can't decide whether this promotional offer is stupid or brilliant. I'm leaning toward brilliant.

  • Also brilliant is this idea. I'm so inspired that I am now working on developing a no-running, no-hitting version of rugby.

  • I'm taking consolation in the fact that France, too, has been knocked out of Euro 2004.
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