Tuesday, June 8, 2004

The fastest of the fast

  • My wife and I had a good time running the Grand Old Day 8K run on Sunday. It was the first run I have ever participated in. I finished at 41:35 (with a pace time of 8:22), beating Rachel's time of 44:36 (with a pace time of 8:59). I attempted to gloat about outrunning her, but my best friend, Eric, stopped me short:
    "Did you win the race?" he asked.
    "Did you finish in the top five?"
    "So, the only thing you did do was beat your wife?" he asked.
    "Dummy. You didn't win anything. Now you have to buy her flowers."

  • I already play rugby, so why not take on another impossibly difficult and painful sport, like Aussie Rules Football? I'm thinking about it.

  • I've been invited to the fourth anniversary party for Utilikilts. I won't be there, but encourage you to buy a kilt, anyway.

  • I really wish that I had worn my kilt out and about during Grand Old Day yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Summer comes to Minnesota in the way a relative comes to Minnesota -- it just shows up on your doorstep one morning.
    Yesterday's high was 81. As I write this, it is a sweltering 91 degrees outside.
    I spent much of last night at Eric's house, where he fed me with hamburgers and barbecued chicken. His older brother, Ben, is a teacher in Boulder, Colo., and is taking advantage of the last remaining perk to being a teacher -- summers off -- and spending some time back in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.
    Ben provided us with samples of his extraordinarily good homemade beers. And on a related note, you're welcome, Colorado Education Association, for the $10 I decided to donate to your lobbying efforts. My decision had nothing to do with the effects of Ben's beer. Really.

  • I've noticed that "I Danced The Polka With El Cajon" is not yet showing up on a Google search. I wonder how long it takes for the All-Seeing Google Eye to notice one's blog?

  • I was struck by an odd phrase today: "world-famous paleontologists." Can you name one paleontologist? I'm pretty sure that guy from "Jurassic Park" doesn't count.

  • After just one more marriage, Jennifer Lopez gets a free pasta bowl at Noodles & Company.

  • Christopher Lame has got a Chalupa and he's not afraid to use it.

  • Mature people will not giggle at the name of this candy. Mature people should not be reading this blog, though.
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