Wednesday, June 2, 2004

It is not a skirt

  • I mentioned before -- and will no doubt mention again and again -- that on June 26, I will be a guest on WJFK's The Wedding Show. This weekend I mentioned the appearance to my mother, and she said: "Oh, you can wear your kilt."
    "It's a radio appearance, mom," I said.
    "Oh. Well, you can tell them you're wearing a kilt."

  • Many people (and when I say "many people" I mean "no one at all") say to me: "Chris, you are a true master when it comes to the Internet, apart from your blog, of course, what other blogs should I read every day?"
    Well, Grasshopper, there are many. But one instantly comes to mind: The Bagpiping Report

  • Someone give Barney Fife his bullet -- there's some truly sinister criminal activity afoot.

  • Can you just imagine the delightful aroma that 30,000 pounds of eggs would create in the Texas heat?

  • Great. Now washing machines will be sending spam: "Hello, I am a washing machine in Nigeria and would like to send you $42,000 in quarters..."

  • It pains me to say this, but sometimes the Welsh are the Southern hicks of Europe.

  • One of the things they always tell us about Europe, of course, is that Europeans are far more sophisticated than the thuggish American lot. Clearly that is true. Where is the American version of the Independent Erotic Initiative, or the Ostrava-Is-Having-a-Good-Time Party?

  • For anyone wondering, you cannot beat the Los Angeles Lakers solely by shooting free throws. We've tried that.

  • Apparently, this guy likes you.
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