Thursday, June 17, 2004

Shall I call you 'Crazy?' Or would you prefer 'Mr. Horse?'

  • South Dakota was a good time. Here's my advice if you go: skip the Crazy Horse Memorial. Actually, you can skip Mount Rushmore, too. Both look exactly the same up close as they do from the highway. The Corn Palace, however, is a must.
    The part of the $18 Crazy Horse experience that amused me most is the fact that no one actually knows what Crazy Horse looked like.
    There is also a sense that the good folks behind the project are a little unrealistic in their expectations -- in the sense that a 5-year-old with two refrigerator boxes and a packet of Black Cat fireworks is a little unrealistic in his expectation that he will be able to build a rocket ship.
    The project has been under way since 1947, and so far, only an 87-foot face that may or may not look like Crazy Horse has emerged. Beyond the proposed 563-foot tall sculpture -- which might be completed before the Sun collapses in on itself -- organizers are promising an airport, university, and medical center. Presently all that exists are a gift shop and restaurant.

  • Two homes, eh? You'll have to check lost and found.

  • "Dad, can I have $10?"
    "OK. Fine, I guess I have no choice but to grow up to become a dictator."

  • Friday is Orange Shirt Day.

  • Congratulations England.

  • And I realize this is a few days late, but congratulations Detroit, also.
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