Saturday, June 12, 2004

South Dakota is for lovers

  • This blog will go untouched until at least Wednesday, June 16, while my wife and I celebrate out fifth anniversary. We're heading to the sexier of the Dakotas, South Dakota, to stare at the enormous heads of former presidents, see how things are going on that Crazy Horse project, and enjoy some hot, passionate... uhm, I'll keep that part to myself.
    There will be a new column out on Tuesday, though. You will be able to find it here.

  • Maybe by the time I get back, you'll be able to Google this blog.

  • Too bad I won't be in Washington, D.C., where folks this weekend have the opportunity to "climb onto the 22-foot, rubberized vegetarian pizza with moveable toppings."

  • And what did I get my wife for our anniversary? A dartboard. They call me Mr. Romance.

  • My brother was born in Dallas (Irving, to be exact), and my family lived there for about five years. I don't think I'll ever go back, though -- too many snakes.

  • Not only is this machine more efficient than an actual postal worker, it's less likely to shoot at you.

  • Something tells me young David isn't taking this very seriously.

  • Sometimes you just really, really, really want someone out of your home.
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