Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Winning the hearts and minds of the Irish, one Yorkie bar at a time

  • Maeve and Liam are two of my favorite people. They run an Irish shop a few blocks down from my apartment.
    I went in this morning to pick up another box of tea and idly commented that the usual display of candies was not by the cash register. I said this not because I actually wanted any candy, but because I wanted to subtly brag that I was a regular visitor to the shop, capable of recognizing little changes in the store's layout. Because, like all Americans, I want Irish people to like me.
    "It was so hot yesterday, I took them downstairs," Liam said. "I'll go get them."
    "No, that's OK. Really," I said.
    But it was too late.
    "Maeve can you come down for a minute," Liam said into an intercom, and instantly Maeve appeared and chatted amiably with me about which candies she likes the best and wasn't it hot? And I felt guilty for making Liam run downstairs to get candy that I hadn't actually wanted to buy and stared at the collection of CDs. I tried to remember the name of a band from San Diego that plays Irish-punk, but the name temporarily escaped me (Flogging Molly).
    Liam returned, and I bought a Yorkie bar and a packet of Wine Gums, and sought to again endear myself to the proprietors by helping to arrange the candies display.
    My "raisin and biscuit" Yorkie bar, which I had never tried before but bought on the counsel of Maeve, was delicious, and went extraordinarily well with my tea.
    I have no idea why I told you that story. Regardless, you should buy some stuff from them.

  • I can't decide whether this is funny or disturbing.

  • Boy howdy, if I had married J-Lo, I'd tell everyone that I know.

  • Here's a Father's Day gift for the dad who has everything.

  • This weekend marks the start of Euro 2004, a battle of Europe's best football (soccer) teams. I'm not sure if any games will be aired in the United States (I haven't checked), but if you do happen to watch a match, please be careful.

  • Here's a useful tip: When attempting to douse your boyfriend with lighter fluid, make sure the fluid bottle's nozzle is pointed away from you.

  • Too much chlorine makes me irritable, too.
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