Sunday, July 4, 2004

10,710 words and rising

  • BOOK UPDATE: Despite a slight hiatus in writing, I am up to 10,710 words -- still more than are contained on the whole of this blog at this point, but still not very many. I'm not sure why I put so much stock in the quantity of words. Possibly it comes from my excessively lazy nature.
    If I think about this project as a whole, it becomes quite daunting. If I am lucky and hard working, I will have everything completed by my birthday (late March). Between then and now stands quite a bit of work -- hours more writing and probably just as much editing. This book consists of four parts and I am still working on the first part, not yet having touched the other three.
    Thinking about how much work is yet required makes me want to scarper off to the nearest pub, so I keep myself going with the minor victories that are increasing word counts.

  • I bought this CD yesterday and am enjoying it thoroughly. Someday I plan to join the rest of the world and simply download my music then burn it onto a CD, but as yet I am too lazy and cheap to do that.
    I also bought this CD.

  • It is now OK to sing rude songs about hamsters in Singapore.

  • Having suffered a series of sport defeats, the English are trying to think up something that they would be good at.
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