Saturday, July 10, 2004

12,420 words

  • BOOK UPDATE: I am now close to one-fourth of the way through writing my novel. I expect to start work on the second part of the book (there are four parts) sometime next week.
    I feel that I should be offering some sort of exciting insight into the book-writing process, but there doesn't appear to be anything exciting about it. It's extraordinarily tedious work -- you write something, then spend the next month editing it.
    I will say this, however: it is rather cathartic. In this novel, one of the characters is based on someone who upset me quite a bit for a number of years. But having spent the past several months dealing with the character, I find it all but impossible to form a single melancholy thought about the person. I am mentally done being upset, having spent so much time now going through it over and over and over again via the editing process.
    To that end, I am thinking that I may now have to write a novel that addresses the Minnesota Vikings' consistent failures in the playoffs.

  • Dang. Clearly there's still a long way to go.

  • Wow. This is pretty cool: A one-hour video highlights package of Britain's Glastonbury festival.

  • Palaeontologists have discovered mammoth remains in Sacramento.

  • A certificate of Kentucky citizenship has been issued to this man.
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