Saturday, July 17, 2004

13,497 words and a bit of Latin

  • BOOK UPDATE: 13,497 words is probably more than I have ever written on a single subject, but it still doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot. Perhaps I should scrap the word "book" and say that I am writing a pamphlet.
    I started work this week on part two of my four-part pamphlet. I'm anticipating that this will be the most difficult part to write. Presently, it requires a great deal of staring at the ceiling working out the narrative in my head: "No, wait. That won't work because it happens at night, but the sequence before and after take place during the day, on the same day. Dang."

  • A few years ago, in a whim of self indulgence I bought a little scrap of paper that claimed to hold my family crest. Obviously I have no idea if it is accurate. No one in my family bothers to write anything down, so there is little evidence of our existence beyond my great-grandfather. But it's a nice looking crest and I wouldn't mind having it as my own.
    The crest also had what it purported to be my family motto: "Equo adeste animo."
    I have no idea what this means. Anyone have a clue? I assume it's Latin.

  • Flying just got much, much worse. Clearly Satan owns a phone company (that would explain telemarketers), because now the Dark Lord has figured out how to get cell phones --- and the loud, annoying conversations that come with them -- onto an airplane. Not only that, the phone has a one-second delay, which will inevitably create stuttering, stop-start, repetitive conversations:
    "What? I was saying that... What? No, go ahead. Hello? OK. What? OK. I'll go. I was saying that grandma's knee had to be drained of... What? Hello?"
    Imagine that on a seven-hour cross-country trip!

  • I'll bet this guy watches Fox News.

  • "With free admission, it would be a great way for visitors to give something back to the museum."

  • I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but my wife and I are hoping to join the Peace Corps once she's earned her master's degree. I often hope that we'll get sent to someplace like Romania. But I think I'll make a note to get any medical procedures taken care of back home.

  • I've spent most of my day racing badgers.

    Anonymous said...

    Came across your family crest motto equo adeste animo while searching for the meaning of it, as it's my family crest's motto also. I found that
    Æquo adeste animo" means "Be ready with constancy". The reference I used was located at

    Anonymous said...

    Hi everybody

    I just want to say that equo adeste animo is also my family crest´s motto. I was searching the hole day know till I have found your website.

    Thank you for that!

    PS: Our name comes around all over the world .... (I´m from Germany)