Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hooray brain-damaged monkeys!

  • All other NFL teams might as well pack it in before the season even starts -- the Minnesota Vikings are going to the Super Bowl! This is why.

  • I'd have to say that this was a bad career move.

  • I've been putting my job at risk by doing nothing but play this game all day.

  • Add your own "snail mail" joke here.

  • I was thinking today about the commercials for Red Stripe beer. On the commercials page of their website, at the bottom, there are radio ads -- listen to the one that says "Reggae." I can't seem to figure out how to make a more direct link to the ad. Fortunately, all the other ads are good, too. Hooray beer.

  • I think I speak for everyone who has ever had their car towed when I say: Hooray cowboys.

  • Hooray, also, tigers.

  • Not so much hooray whales that attack.

  • A monkey that is displaying human traits is sick and may have brain damage. That actually makes a lot of sense.
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