Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I love you, man

  • Apologies for my unnecessarily sappy post last night -- I think I may have had too much sun. Karma has paid me back for poor writing with a terribly painful shoulder, caused by the tremendous fights that were my attempts to get out of the water.
    When we were younger -- back in the days that the Crestliner was a good boat and buffalo still roamed the open plains -- we would do our best to think up good excuses as to why we couldn't get out of the water: "I think I'm leaning a little too far forward;" "My grip was wrong on that attempt."
    Sunday, however, we were struggling to find new excuses. Among the ones we came up with: the earth's rotation, global warming, and the position of the sun. Of course, it had nothing to do with the fact that we are older and heavier.

  • Regular readers (both of you) may notice that I've changed the blog's title ever so slightly and added some stuff in the sidebar to the right. I will be adding some more stuff there as time goes by.
    I don't actually speak Irish, Scottish or Cornish, but I added links to learning pages because I usually end up mentioning them when I tell people how I taught myself to speak Welsh. The mighty British Broadcasting Corp. has a number of really great language learning sites.
    It's actually pretty amazing how much information exists within the BBC's website. I am convinced that if there are weapons of mass destruction anywhere in Iraq, their exact location is revealed on a buried and forgotten page somewhere on the BBC's site.

  • Golly. That sure is convenient. I'm sure it was an honest mistake, though -- no nefarious activity whatsoever.

  • This story makes no mention of Richard having a wife of girlfriend. I wonder why...

  • Meet Wilda Davis: good lookin' lady and paragon of hygiene.

  • The USA Rugby match against France will be broadcast July 18 -- more than two full weeks after the match actually took place. And they say there isn't enough support for rugby in America. Fie, I say! At least it shouldn't be hard for you to go all that time without learning the score.

  • Have I ever told you how much I love modern science? Thank you drug companies. Thank you!

  • Bubbles game to keep you amused for approximately three minutes.
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    Jenny said...

    Good Lord! That's me! I feel humbled.

    Also, the Scottish Gaelic site is very good. When I was at school they just taught us through the medium of fear and a big pointy stick, which was much less effective.

    On reflection, I may have imagined the pointy stick.