Friday, July 2, 2004

It's a man's sport

  • I discovered yesterday (thanks to the urinal advertisement at the Loon Cafe) that there is such a thing as the United States Dodgeball League.
    Perhaps stranger than that is the fact that there is such a thing as the American Dodgeball Federation.
    But wait, it gets weirder: there are "dodgeball centers," where you can go to play an exciting game of dodgeball.

  • The ADF's site, though, appears to have been written by someone who's taken a ball to the head one to many times. Under the "Training Tips" section of the site (which is surprisingly more than "Throw ball; dodge ball"), it says: "Wear the proper attire. Even if you gym doesn't have certain foot ware requirements remember the act of dodging can be dangerous if you slip."

  • Most of my day was spent playing this game.

  • Some would say Francisco Zambrano is an idiot -- and they'd be right. But this is nothing compared to what he did to avoid being pressed into service for the Royal Navy.

  • Vitally important information for women.

  • Among other things, Wynonna Judd's band demands a case of beer and a can of cheese in the tour's concert rider -- high class.

  • Strangely, they don't call for horseflesh ice cream.

  • Police in Pennsylvania are on the lookout for a group off nefarious fruit hurlers.

  • Thanks to genetic mutation, a German couple has produced a child with super strength.
    "He's a normal boy," says his doctor.
    Well, normal except for the super-human strength. And the razor-sharp claws.

  • Perhaps this guy is related. Sure, he's tough, but can he handle dodgeball?
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