Thursday, July 15, 2004

It's raining Chinese men, hallelujah!

I found this to be partially amusing...

On the main page of any of the dozens of sections that an IBS* website may have, there are what are called "blurbs;" little paragraphs and pictures leading you to that section's top story or stories.
This morning in the Family section, I noted that the two blurbs told a story in and of itself.

This was the first blurb: China Worries About Shortage Of 'Wives' In Near Future. It seems there are too many men in China. Obviously that creates a host of problems, not least of which is shed loads of lonely men. Golly, what should all those lonely men do?

The answer came in the second story: Senate Vote Ends Fight Over Marriage Amendment.

It's still not a Constitutional violation to marry a fella in the United States. China may want to think about taking things a step further...

*IBS is the company running the sites where my column can be found -- Internet Broadcasting Systems, Inc. It was set up before anyone had ever heard of irritable bowel syndrome.

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