Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Post No. 71

  • Today's post is my 71st. In 71 A.D., construction began on the Coliseum in Rome. I have no idea why I went to the trouble to research that fact.

  • Thank you for flying Aeroflot. In a few minutes, our flight attendants will be passing through the cabin with pretzels, drinks, and cans of whoop-ass.

  • We know, of course, that the CIA has overlooked a number of threats in recent years. Here's another one: The terror of drunken magpies.

  • Cool. In Zimbabwe athletics, the winner gets to sing. The Olympics should adopt this same strategy -- of course, then the United States would not only have to worry about accusations of illegal stimulant use, but voice coaching as well.

  • Michael Jackson plus his two children make three -- four more kids would equal seven. The book of Revelation warns against a seven-headed beast. I report, you decide.
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