Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Scots, they love me

  • In case you missed it, I am "excellent" according Jenny "Absentee".
    My wife would probably tell you that one of my main goals in life is getting people from across the British Isles to like me. Primarily I work toward this by drinking their beer.

  • In that sort of tangential way in which my mind works, I was reminded today that I mean to buy this book.

  • And while I'm on the topic of Scots, they are apparently miserable. Perhaps this is because of the flying ants.

  • I need to learn to be a better liar. Today, I found myself vying for a promotion within the hallowed halls of my employer. My boss said: "To be honest, Chris, I just can't see your really enjoying this job. I think you might hate it."
    "You may be right," I said.
    Well, there goes that job, then.

  • I wonder how one gets a job as a political joke writer.

  • Meet the toughest guy on the beach.

  • More on The Next Big Viking.
    Here's my amusing one degree of separation from Brock Lesnar: I dated two girls (not at the same time) with connections to Webster, S.D., where Lesnar last played football -- in high school, in 1995.

  • Eh? What's this about?

  • Man, here's a mystery: What could possibly have caused this explosion?
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