Thursday, July 8, 2004

Yes, but where can I find a Nipsey Russell impersonator?

  • I am always amused by multi-purpose things. There is an Asian market in my neighborhood that advertises a myriad of services: groceries, restaurant, one-hour photo, video rental, dating service. So how could I not appreciate an entertainer who offers to impersonate either Elvis or Al Jolson?
    Is there really all that much demand for Al Jolson?
    The Al-vis (see what I did there?) impersonator also does magic and fire eating. Could you possibly ask for more from one man?! How about this great claim: "Have your local Police Chief or Sheriff... lock their own personal handcuffs on (Al-vis). If he should fail to escape, you get his show for FREE!"

  • Of course, like most right-thinking individuals, this is the show I really want to see.

  • Way to go Kentucky! You make America proud!

  • Here's a reason to be thankful I'm not rich. If Rachel left me, the most she'd get out of it would be a CD of Lynyrd Skynyrd's greatest hits.

  • My co-worker, Jen Boyles, appears to be the only music reviewer with the guts to admit that the latest Beastie Boys album isn't that good.

  • I suspect this incident signalled the goalie's last day on the job.
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