Saturday, August 7, 2004

26,457 words and a consumer complaint

  • BOOK UPDATE: Writing this book is at times an emotional roller coaster (which is rather silly, I'll admit, since this is a humor novel); some weeks are good, some weeks are bad. This week, however, has been great.
    I've been on a tear this week, thanks to having taken a day off work to focus on the book. It gave me a tremendous boost. I am now close to finishing an extremely rough draft of the second quarter of the book. In other words, I have quite a long way to go yet.
    Beyond that, of course, getting spotlighted by City Pages yesterday meant my page views skyrocketed five-fold. That rocked.

  • Note to folks in St. Paul, Minn.: You may not want to take your car or your wife's car to Lloyd's Automotive, on Grand Avenue. It might take them two attempts to fix your wife's car and it might cost you far more money than you are willing to pay. Then, a few months later, the same problem might manifest itself again and the car might stop completely, and your wife might be stranded. At that point, Lloyd's Automotive might tell you that they won't even look at your wife's car (which they have twice failed to fix) until Monday. This might make you very unhappy.

  • This probably seemed like a good idea when the owner first thought of it. Of course, he was probably at a bar when he first thought of it.

  • Apparently, Jesus has a quota.

  • The Polyphonic Spree: Feel-good band or terror cell? This blog reports, you decide.

  • Cleveland Clinic: Now offering free towels!

  • Kittens? Who cares?! Clone a mammoth.

  • At least scientists in San Diego are working on something that really matters.

  • Man, this job sounds demanding: "While performing the duties of this job the employee is frequently required to sit, use hands to finger, handle or feel objects, tools or controls; and talk or hear."
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