Sunday, August 29, 2004

Calling all Scots

My friend Shiona moves to Glasgow in three to four weeks, but knows nothing of Scotland's capitol city.

Do you know anything about Glasgow? Do you know anyone who does?
She needs to know where to look for flats, where to eat, what to do, etc. Can anybody help me out?

(POST NOTE: I have since been corrected in my embarrassing error. Glasgow is not Scotland's capitol city, Edinburgh holds that title)


Jenny said...

Sweet mercy! My calling!

Actually, I'm lying. I know nothing about Glasgow other than it has an excellent School of Art that would not accept my application. Bastards.

I shall ask some of my Glasgow-literate friends for you.


Scotland's capital city is Edinburgh - shame on you! But I'll let that one go since you taught me sun vitamins.

Chris Cope said...

I am feeling terrible shame at mislabeling Scotland's capitol city.

Linus said...

I *believe* one can get deep fried ice cream mars bars there, and that is reason enough to go.

Although I was told that one can get a bucket of pizza, deep fried in America, and everyone I have quizzed disavows knowledge thus far. No matter how loud I scream the question. :-(

Chris Cope said...

I was under the impression that Scotland, too, was the place to go for a deep-fried pizza. I'm sure we have them here, but I doubt we thought them up.

I have been to a place that served a deep-fried balogna sandwich. And every fair these days serves deep-fried Oreos.

Jenny said...

It's cold nine months of the year and our national dish is offal cooked in sheep's stomach.

We deep-fry as a form of entertainment.