Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fashionable Olympians

  • With the Olympics now less than a week away, I was speaking to a friend today about Olympic soccer. He did his best to defend the U.S. men's team's failure to qualify (we had to play Mexico, in Mexico, in front of 60,000 pro-Mexico fans), and I started to wonder why the team from Britain had failed to qualify. As it turns out -- as best I can tell, at least -- there is no Great Britain Olympic soccer team. How can this possibly be true? Can someone explain this to me?

  • Whilst trying to find evidence of a Great Britain Olympic soccer team, I came across the Team GB Merchandise website. You would expect to find a collection of tatty baseball caps and grossly colored T-shirts, right? Hell no.
    It appears that Team GB has turned over its apparel rights to designer Ben Sherman. So instead of, say a goofy-looking bucket hat, you can buy a suit! Instead of a hat designed to copy those cool berets the Canadians wore in Salt Lake City, you can buy Team GB leather shoes!
    It's really a shame that Team GB did not put forward a soccer team. Their uniform would have been the most fashionable in the whole of the competition!

  • FORD ESCORT, 10, St. Paul, Minn., died Friday in Minneapolis of engine failure, despite its owners having sunk more than $600 into repairs earlier in the summer. A visitation will be held Tuesday morning at Lloyd's Automotive, after which Escort will be given to whatever foolish charity will have it.

  • Why is Californians the best? Because them know that the U.S. has 53 states.

  • Apparently you need a permit to put yourself on a cross in Alabama.
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    Jenny said...

    I couldn't honestly claim to be an expert, but I would guess we don't have a soccer team because laddish hardcore fans refuse to call it 'soccer':

    "Soccer team? No, we don't have one of those! Curling do you?"

    We accepted 'Snickers' over 'Marathon' (eventually), we will order 'fries' rather than 'chips', but 'soccer' is apparently a step too far.

    Or maybe our team just didn't want to get their suits dirty.

    Who knows?