Sunday, August 1, 2004

Of little or no interest to U.S. readers

  • Hello to Reet Smoot, who dropped me an e-mail Friday to let me know he is reading. He is a Charlton supporter, which, in my eyes, makes him more tolerable than what I originally perceived him to be -- an Arsenal supporter.
    (Right now most American readers are completely lost. Just skip over this bit)
    It's not that I hate the Arse, just that I thoroughly dislike them. Over the winter I read Nick Hornby's "Fever Pitch" and slowly developed a strong distaste for his team. He just goes on and on and on and describes being in the stands as if he were part of some 1800s military campaign. Bah.
    Plus, I have a natural agitation toward teams that sit at the top of their division. I don't like Chelsea, Manchester United, or Arsenal. In baseball, I can't stand the Yankees. In basketball, I have had enough of the Lakers.
    I am a Porstmouth supporter. Or, as much of one as I can be from the United States. In the same way that everyone in America loves the Irish, almost all U.S. soccer fans are Man U supporters. A few breakaway rebels are fans of the Arse. As such, just about the only Premiership games we get to see are Man U or Arsenal. I have never seen Pompey play on American TV, and BBC online didn't carry any of their matches last season because Pompey had some sort of sleaze deal that retained rights to broadcast over the Internet, so you had to sign up and pay to listen to the matches (Major League Baseball does this also).
    So, as much of a fan as you can be from living 6,000 miles away and following the team solely through match reports -- that's how big a fan I am.
    I have only met two other Pompey supporters in the United States -- both I met at the Shakespeare Pub in San Diego, Calif. One of them had actually played on the squad in the 1980s, the other had a massive Portsmouth FC crest tattooed on his arm.
    Who is all this interesting to? Me. I am dancing around in a little circle of me.

  • My wife and I Sunday took part in the annual Hennepin-Lake Classic 10K race. Although, it was actually run around Lake Calhoun. I finished with a time of 53:11 -- that's a pace of 8:34.
    My wife finished with a time of 56:35 -- a pace of 9:07.
    Our times are little slower than in the race we ran in June, and sure, I came in 433rd, but I beat my wife. And that's all that matters.

  • Has anyone ever used the "Pause/Break" key on their keyboard? Under what circumstances would you use it? What does it do?
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