Friday, August 20, 2004

Professor Wrestling: Put Mask Back On Kane

If anyone's into professional wrestling (Linus?), you might be interested in this article, which I may or may not have written (Professor Wrestling can never truly reveal his identity, of course).


Linus said...

Professer Wrestling writes the words I feared to think!

He should totally put the mask back on. And four people I know laughed at the name 'Professor Wrestling, The Grappling Scholar'.

I'm actually watching the recap of that on Raw, and I have to say, I was always a fan of Kane, but he's a bit gaptoothed. He looks like if that kid from Deliverance on the porch grew up.

Chris Cope said...

Exactly. Kane unmasked looks like a stupid kid that I would pick on even though he's considerably larger than me. Not the terrifying force he once was.

Linus said...

Luckily KAne is several hundred miles away from me, so I can say what I like!

Actually, I rather liked him when he demasked initially. He just got weakened with Shane McMahon. He should have been throwing people through walls and setting fire to cats, not being thrown into things by the bosses son. Derailed the fuck out of him, that did.

Anonymous said...

Shw MAe,
rwyn cytuno, fydd kane yn well wrth dodi ei fasc nol arno...
..hefyd, cael wared y llun or charles.... nage cymro yw e.

Chris Cope said...

You know you've really accomplished something in life when 15th century Welsh folk heroes start posting on your blog.