Thursday, August 5, 2004

Your city councilwoman wears combat boots

  • How to tell your city representative is a nutcase: She "wears military-style clothing including combat boots, fatigues and a black beret," and threatens to kill her fellow council members.

  • Anti-Semite soda. Coming soon: KKKola!

  • Suffer the children unto Mickey, for theirs is the Magic Kingdom.

  • I will never understand why coaches think it's a good thing when their players fight.

  • Here's a slideshow of a guy in Wyoming getting kicked in the head by a wild horse. The best part is the body language of everyone outside the ring:
    "Hey, look at that fella gettin' kicked in the head."
    "Reckon that hurts."
    "S'pose we should do anything?"

  • It's good to see that beauty pageant officials have given up on credibility. Legitimacy just slows you down.

  • Here's an amusing little Flash movie video of an acoustic version of Radiohead's "Creep."

  • For those of you keeping track, I have finished this book and started in on "High Fidelity" by Nick Hornby.

  • In searching for the link to Hornby's book on Amazon, I found a reader's guide for the book. Eh? It's just a humor novel, isn't it? Do people really need "a full-length analysis?"
    I wonder if anyone will ever focus on my book for a reading group. Maybe if it is a reading group for simpletons.
    In the back of "Life of Pi," by Yann Martel, there are a series of study questions that you can use for discussion in a reading group. That's sort of pompous, isn't it -- insinuating that your book is worth studying.
    I joked with my wife that I should do the same thing in my novel but with, as I say, simpleton questions:
    1) What is it that Ben, Jason, Justin and Steve see whilst standing naked in the English Channel?
    2) What brand of lager is Ben drinking when he injures his knee?
    3) Who is the only person not to have had sex with Mary-Jane?

    Hey, you like what I did there? I gave away a bit of the book. I'm sure your eagerness to read it is now equivalent to one's eagerness to reach a rest area after drinking a 42-ounce Coke on a road trip. Cross your legs -- you will have to hold it for at least six more months (this is assuming that I can actually find somebody who wants to publish the thing).

    Jenny said...

    Right, I think I'll have a stab at these:

    1) A jellyfish. Or possibly a contraceptive device.
    2) Umm ... Grolsch? Or Special Brew?
    3) Justin. He's gay.

    You know, you could really use us readers if you get stuck with plot and characterisation ...

    Chris Cope said...

    If I am ever hugely famous, perhaps this is how I will write a book. I will simply ask questions about it and my blogging pals will fill in answers. Then I will write the book around said answers.

    The answers to this book, by the way (because I am the sort of boring fella to give proper answers) are:

    1) The Hale-Bopp comet.
    2) Heineken (good job guessing a beer in a green bottle, though, Jenny).
    3) Ben.

    Jenny said...

    Damn. So near and yet so very far.