Saturday, September 4, 2004

30,326 words and five Gmail invites

  • BOOK UPDATE: I've started in on the heartbreaking third part of the novel. Remember that for when you eventually read the book. The end of the third part will make you sad. That is assuming I write it well.
    If it's written poorly, my attempt at pathos will be embarrassingly hilarious.

  • Man, no one can ever accuse Bill Clinton of not being a Democratic Party faithful. He went and almost got himself killed in order to kill Bush's post-convention bump.

  • The description of this bank robber made me laugh. He was wearing "unknown pants."

  • Great cop quote of the day: "You are a death waiting to happen. Please put your name and address on a 3 by 5 card so we know to call your family, because you're not going to make it"

  • Every year, I find myself in November thinking: "I want a poppy." Then I make a promise to myself that I will be sure to have one the next year. I have finally remembered on time this year, but short of flying to Britain and buying one, I can't think of how to get one in the United States. Any ideas?

  • Perhaps I could arrange a trade for a Gmail invite. I found out today that I have five of them to give away. Are they still the thing to have, or is that soooo three months ago? Regardless of whether you can provide me with a poppy, let me know if you are interested in receiving an invite.
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