Saturday, September 11, 2004

32,901 words and encroaching age

  • BOOK UPDATE: I hit a bit of writer's block earlier in the week, but things have improved in the latter part of the week. Of course, in writing this book I am constantly amusing myself. This week I was particularly self-pleased with this line:
    "We were a little louder, a little drunker, a little more debauched. And we sang all the time. We were the Portsmouth Scumbags Canoe Club."
    I would hope they'd put that on a T-shirt.

  • Number of beers consumed last night: 5
    Level of hangover: 3.5
    How is that fair? A measly 80 ounces of beer and I'm done in. And, as seems to always be the way these days, I felt fine when I left the bar. I'm getting old.

  • "custom solution packaging products" -- What does that even mean?! It's just four words randomly pulled from the dictionary. This is why I make a horrible capitalist -- I'm not any good at speaking in nonsense terms.
    I just pulled my own four words from my handy New Expanded Webster's Dictionary. From now on, I am a specialist in "elfish isobar panorama recoil."

  • The headline makes me want to go to San Jose State. The story isn't nearly as exciting.

  • Using a dinner fork and a battery?

  • Best name I've seen in a while: Fitsum Gebreegziabher -- from this less-than-cheery story.

  • To quote the sage wisdom of Blue Oyster Cult: "History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men."

  • One suspects this study was funded by the Las Vegas tourism board.
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