Saturday, September 18, 2004

34,800 words and Totoro

  • BOOK UPDATE: Last week's writer's block held on into this week, but I had a sudden burst of energy last night. For reasons that are beyond my understanding, I decided to make a passing reference to the North American Soccer League of the 1960s and 70s, which required copious research (typing "NASL" into a Google search). But I am having fun with it again and perhaps this wave of writer's block will have passed.

  • I really don't know what's happening here.

  • A hurricane, of course, affects everybody it hits. Such is the nature of God's wrath, I suppose. But I am always amused at how the news machine twists itself in knots trying to find as much hardship as it can. For example, have you thought about how hurricanes affect the fern industry? Of course you haven't. Thankfully, the Global Media Conspiracy has.

  • God, they say, works in mysterious ways. By extension, one can assume that His Son works in equally mysterious ways. Indeed, some ways in which He works are a little more mysterious than others -- like when He asks you to rip up phone books.

  • Greatest quote I've read all week: "The best days are when I can have bowel movement."
    "Yeah, those are pretty good days," said my co-worker, Tom. "Imagine if that's what you had to look forward to: 'Ooh. Maybe it will happen today...'"

  • There's a lesson about life somewhere in this story.

  • I am seriously considering going here this weekend.
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    Greg said... should partly explain the totoro site.