Saturday, September 25, 2004

35,417 words

  • BOOK UPDATE: I should just stop saying that I've overcome my writer's block/apathy/what-you-call-it. The fact that I managed to write only about 600 words in a week is a clear sign that I haven't gotten whatever this is out of my system. Most of those 600 words were written this morning.

  • I'm sure John Kerry appreciates this endorsement.

  • New international weapon of terror: eggs.

  • British women aged 18 to 24 drink an average of 203 litres of alcohol a year. Way to go, ladies!

  • Of course, if there's a story about an 8-foot snake getting entwined in somebody's car, I'm going to link to it. If this blog had a mission statement, I'm sure that would be a part of it. There would also be something about bathtub cheese.
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    Greg said...

    I know the feeling on the inability to write. I chalk mine up to apathy and lack of self-will. But I definitely have about a half dozen ideas sitting around for stories and novels that I've done absolutely nothing with.