Thursday, September 16, 2004

And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

  • Did you watch the World Music Awards last night? I personally have no idea what they are about -- who decides them, or why they are called the World Music Awards when it consisted solely of American artists. Well, it had Celine Dion, so I guess that's where the international flavor comes from.
    My wife and I will watch just about any awards show, especially when it features dregs of humanity like Anna-Nicole Smith, Courtney Love, and Whitney Houston. The highlight of the music-industry-self-love fest was a tottering performance by Houston. Her eyes were twitching just a little too much and I said to my wife: "Some day, when they film the story of Whitney's life, they will come back to this performance and we will learn of the great orchestration that was required behind the scenes to prop her up for this performance."

  • Disney characters are running amok. I think we all realize that Bill Clinton is to blame.

  • Officials were at first thinking of giving away hookahs.

  • My state has rollergirls. Take that, North Dakota!

  • Some people say politics is boring. Those people are just aren't voting for the right candidate.
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