Thursday, September 23, 2004

Better than you redux

  • I cycled to work again today and I may continue with this wild healthiness tomorrow. You're welcome Planet Earth. To add to my greatness, today I deposited my beer bottles in the recycling bin.

  • Yaaaaarrrrggghhh

  • Can we just stop it with the talk of flying cars? Considering the quality of people's driving on land, I have become convinced that flying cars are a really, really bad idea.

  • I don't know what's more shocking about this story: the fact that the maker of Twinkies is bankrupt; or the fact that there are some 33,000 people who make a Twinkie-related living.

  • I generally try to avoid talk political on my blog because, well, you can find that on approximately 8.2 billion other blogs, and I don't have anything particularly intelligent to say. But I thought this exchange between John Stewart and Bill O'Reilly was pretty funny.

  • Last night I was thinking about a radio station in San Diego that had a feature called "Mandatory Metallica" and it dawned on me: The problem with America today is that our mandatory Metallica laws have been watered down by the Nellie McKay crowd. I mean, you've got activist judges allowing Norah Jones and her ilk to recruit in our schools, and what's being done about it? Nothing.
    Like any good American, I am usually lock step with the policies of the Socialist Party USA, but there is nothing in their manifesto that discusses the importance of strengthening our mandatory Metallica laws. Am I the only one who cares about the children?!
    You realize who's to blame for this, don't you?
    Bill Clinton.

  • If the mandatory Metallica laws had not been watered down, Cat Stevens would have been deported long ago. John Tesh and Yanni would have been sent with him.

  • Obviously, we want to keep these guys, though.

  • For the love of Pete, can someone please explain to me the obsession of the hip-hop/R&B/soul world to take the chorus of another song, speed up the track, and make that part of the musical bed? Stop it with your chipmunky sound. It's become as cliché as the tri-tom drums used in every Genesis track from the late 80s.
    Seriously. Stop it.

  • And you thought you had a really bad day.

  • So, does this mean I have to pay full price for a new stomach?

    Greg said...

    Hey. Loved the transcript of Jon Stewart on O'Reilly. Hope you don't mind if I link to it in my own blog.

    Chris Cope said...

    Link to your heart's content, Greg. And perhaps you can answer a question I've always had about North Carolina: Do people there ever refer to their state as "North Cackalaka?"

    Greg said...

    Yes, unfortunately they do.

    Also, North Cackalak, North Cackalaky, and just plain old Cackalak.

    Of course it doesn't help that we have a song inciting us to "raise up." Its instructions to "take your shirt off and spin it round your head like a helicopter" frighten me frankly.

    Chris Cope said...

    I hope they've incorporated those lyrics into North Carolina's state song.

    Greg said...

    They didn't really fit in the original song. Complete against what little melody it had. We don't need it in our state song. Which I couldn't identify if it hit me with a treble cleft.