Thursday, September 30, 2004

Elephant riders to the northwest bring news from father

  • I have a lot of relatively obscure CDs leftover from my days as music director for a completely worthless college radio station. Things appear to have improved dramatically since my departure -- at the time, there was talk of shutting the station down. I was one of only a few presenters at the station, and when I left, I took several dozen CDs with me.
    To that end, I have a number of really good CDs by artists that you have likely never heard of, and more's the pity for that.
    Actually, you may have heard of Clutch; Twin Cities radio is abysmal. If you haven't heard of them, you should purchase their Elephant Riders CD. Made before U.S. mandatory Metallica laws were watered down, it rocks.

  • This is why I will be severely hungover on Friday.

  • Here's a random true story that I remembered today:
    When I was living and working in the Biggest Little City in the World -- Reno, Nev. -- there was once a mayoral candidate for the neighboring city of Sparks, Nev., who claimed that he had once been targeted by a Mormon hit-squad for speaking out against the church.
    Sadly he was not elected. I have no idea what happened to him. Perhaps the Mormons got him in the end.

  • Adding injury to insult: "Denney was shot in the calf and apparently the go-go boots he was wearing helped him escape serious injury."

  • Chris Cope's handy safety tip of the day: If you get in a fight with a guy, don't get on a boat with him. If you do get on a boat with that guy, make sure he doesn't have a chainsaw.

  • Well, she definitely can't go get the lemonade if you do that.

  • Officials in Grand Rapids, Mich., are killjoys.

  • Note to would-be robbers: You should write out your robbery note before you get to the bank (it also wouldn't hurt to spend a little more time putting together your disguise).

  • A movie-going python remains on the loose, but, thankfully, Swimmy the Pike is accounted for.

  • Cup holders I understand. What I don't get are those things that appear to be stirrups.
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