Monday, September 27, 2004

My desk is the one with the Welsh flag

  • My benevolent employer has moved my desk without my asking. I am now facing a window. Previously I was stationed in what could best be described as "a closet in the basement." After 10 years in the journalism profession, I can finally see what's happening outside.
    One of the things that happen quite frequently outside my window is that a plane flies past. This happens once a minute. The internet plantation for which I work is beneath the flight path of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.
    If you ever fly into our fair metro area, be sure to look over to your left and wave to me.

  • Richard Branson is getting into space tourism.

  • Occasionally I'll read a story about U.S. military action in Iraq, and the question will be posed: What are we fighting for?
    The answer: Porn and beheading videos.

  • Sometimes I'll think to myself: "I wonder what's happening in Stevanage, England?"
    Now I no longer have to wonder -- the BBC is slowly putting all of its English local radio online. Sadly, Radio Solent is not yet available.

  • "For five hours, eight of us had to play without a break because all the subs were injured and sleeping."

  • I'm sure Cheeky Squirrel will be upset to learn that there are no links to him from this site.

    Cheekysquirrel said...

    Not yet there aren't but give it time.

    Y'know the girl in the Harry Potter films?
    She has linked to my squirrel name generator.

    Some of the names it generates are double entendres.
    I hope that not too many of her young fans are scarred for life.

    The variety of people who do link to me really does amuse me.

    Chris Cope said...

    I think we all live to serve at the pleasure of Emma Watson...