Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A paragon of healthy living

  • I pedalled my bike to the headquarters of my benevolent employer today. Now I feel like one of those people you always read about in Sierra Club magazines -- the guys that encourage you to ride your bike to work because it's good for the environment and makes you feel good about yourself.
    Usually when I read those articles I think: "You are an idiot, article-writer-type person. You live in San Francisco, writing earth-friendly tips that are completely inapplicable to everyone else in the world."
    In places that are not San Francisco, riding a bike to work is a great way to get killed by someone who is late to work. In places that are not San Francisco, it snows. In places that are not San Francisco, the distance between home and work is often vast. In places that are not San Francisco, biking to work leaves you sweaty and covered in dirt from the road (actually, I would have thought this happens in San Francisco, too).
    But I recently discovered that there is a way to bike from my apartment using bike paths almost exclusively, it was not snowing today, I live just nine miles from my benevolent employer, AND the building has showers.
    Rock on! I'm one of those guys. This means that I am better than you. I am doing my part. I care about Mother Earth, and you don't. Soon I will be using one of those rocks as deodorant and eating nothing but pita bread.
    My cycling to work had nothing to do with the fact that my wife and I share a vehicle and she needed it today to drive to the suburbs -- where public transportation is a threat used to get kids to eat their vegetables. Really. OK, maybe a bit.

  • Another benefit to biking to work is the fact that you get to avoid nasty traffic pile-ups.

  • Note to law enforcement officials: Keep sharp objects away from this guy.

  • Look out below.

  • If you want milk in Massachusetts, you will have to pay for it.
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