Sunday, September 5, 2004

Retail therapy

Yesterday, my wife bought a fancy new laptop. I have always wanted a laptop, but considering how little I ever go anywhere, let alone places where I would want a laptop, I need one about as much as an Abrams tank (something else I've always wanted).

Recognizing my envy, my wife let me buy two CDs today. I bought this and this, both of which I highly recommend.

My Amazon wish list has been adjusted to account for these purchases.


Charlotte said...

I failed my driver's exam the first time I took it. I was going 45 in a 25 - because I had to. My car was small and the air conditioner didn't work. I couldn't roll down the windows because then my hair would blow into my face and kill my eyes when a strand got stuck to my contact lens. Oh, and the guy giving me the test smelled. Seriously, he stunk. I could taste it, he smelled that bad. All I could think was, "Dear Lord, if I keep taking these little sippy breaths that I am taking, I am going to throw myself into an asthma-attack. So I did what I feel anyone would have done in my position: I stepped on the gas and got back to the testing station. I wasn't suprised when he told me I failed, I think at that point I was more relived to get him out of my car so I could spray perfume in it. But by the time I got home and it sunk it, I was hearbroken. My mother went out and got me a laptop to numb the pain. And it worked... until two months later when she slapped the bill in my face and told me that I had to pay her back.

Chris Cope said...

When I took my driver's exam, the tester fella complained that I "drive like an old lady" and insisted that I go faster than the posted speed limit.

Then he had me skip parallel parking because "you'll never use that." I live in the city now and use it every day.

I scored a 100 on my exam.