Thursday, September 2, 2004

Something immensely boring, probably

  • You know how American English is a jumbled mess that would get you flunked out of an English primary school? I learned today that Noah Webster is to blame for that.
    In a fit of patriotism, he felt that the newly formed United States of America needed a language all its own. But, obviously, Americans can't be bothered to go learning new languages. So, Webster just screwed up the one they were already using.

  • It appears the wheels are in motion for Sir Clive to save English soccer (I suspect that I am the only person interested in that link).

  • Yet another sport the International Olympic Committee has failed to recognize.

  • Which is funnier here: the story or the headline?
    It reminds me of a rude song we used to sing in Portsmouth.

  • New weapon of terror: pigs.

    Charlotte said...

    Living in Cincinnati, we have our own fascination with cows. The Cincinnati police department had a week-long standoff with a runaway cow. As you can imagine, the newspaper coverage of the situation was completely hillarious, but I feel that this quote from this cow story takes the cake:

    "It might have been the white colour that attracted them. The wings are covered with chemicals, so maybe all these cows were on a high."

    Can you imagine a high cow???

    Chris Cope said...

    There's a "Happy cows come from California" joke in there somewhere, I'm sure.