Monday, September 13, 2004

Spotlight on urination

The power went out today at the headquarters of my benevolent employer, but my bladder refused to conform to the inconvenience and I found myself stumbling into a pitch-black men's room.

I have pretty good aim, and urinals are rather large, so I wasn't particularly bothered.

As I was standing there, the door opened behind me.

"It's completely dark in here," I said.

I said this not because I thought the person entering the men's room would have trouble grasping the obvious, but because I wanted to alert him to my presence. That way we could avoid any embarrassing fumbling-in-the-dark rencontre.

"Not anymore," said the entrant cheerily.

He had with him a flashlight and was clearly quite pleased with himself. Obviously, he was one of our tech guys. Tech guys have loads of tools they do not need, and live for moments such as this.

So, there I found myself, in a darkened men's room, standing at the urinal, with a tech guy standing behind me -- helpfully pointing a flashlight at me. I appreciate the assistance, but having someone spotlight me while I relieved myself was, well, unnerving.

Thankfully, I do not suffer from performance anxiety.


Charlotte said...

But aren't you glad he didn't come in sporting one of those miner's hats with the big light on the front?

Cheekysquirrel said...

A true tech guy would have been laying a trail of glow sticks whilst pedaling a mobile generator he invented just in case of the blackout.

Chris Cope said...

I am just thankful that I did not have to... uhm, "go" sitting down. I can just imagine him standing outside the stall, reaching the light over the wall. Yeesh!

At least, I would hope he'd be outside the stall!