Thursday, September 9, 2004

Wales look a shambles

  • Today's Wales-Northern Ireland World Cup qualifying match was crazy from the start -- booing of the (British) national anthem, a fight, and two men sent off all in the first 11 minutes.
    Northern Ireland scored first, then again, bringing the score to 0-2 in favor of a team that had been predicted to crash and burn. Immediately after the goal, a Northern Ireland player was ejected for taunting the Welsh fans!
    Then Robert Earnshaw was sent in, in response to the chants of fans. It was insane.
    One of the things I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact that I could listen to Welsh coverage on Radio Wales, and Northern Irish coverage on Radio Ulster. It's always fun to hear the different spin.
    I think I enjoyed the coverage from Radio Ulster more. Their announcers had arrived with the general impression that Northern Ireland simply didn't have a chance. They sounded mystified at Wales' failure to commit a slaughter.
    "Wales looks a shambles," one announcer said. "What are they doing? Do they not see they're playing 10 on nine?"
    In the end, thanks to John Hartson and Earnshaw, Wales was able drag the match to a tie.

  • Congratulations to England, who were able to win a crucial match against Poland.

  • Bad luck Scots, who need a new coach.

  • Andromeda Strain, anyone?
    "Man, I'd LOVE to be the guy who approaches that crashed capsule first," my co-worker, Scott, said today. "I'd touch it, then reel away clutching at my head screaming 'I CAN HEAR THEM!'"

  • Note to supermarket chain Somerfield: This is no way to earn customers.

  • Note to drivers at the intersection of Highway 55 and Highway 62: Learn the definition of yield.

  • Note to Scott Mills. Stop with the always talking. I suspect there is 20 percent more talking than music during his show.

  • Note to self: Evil is unstoppable. Corporations can now parse blogs to determine what's being said about any given topic in the blog world.

  • Speaking of evil genius.

  • Great name for a band: Smoking bitch monkey.
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