Saturday, October 23, 2004

44,207 words and Chinese socks

  • BOOK UPDATE: I think I may have said this three times before (I can't be bothered to look), but one of the drawbacks of writing this book in four parts is that at the end of each part I feel emotionally that I am done. It is difficult to sort of start over again with a new section.
    I also find myself lagging a bit because I really want this final section to be one of the best. A lot of novels (especially ones that are supposed to be humorous) really burn out at the end because you are used to the style and you can see where everything is going. I hope I can avoid that and at the end of it you'll wish I had written more.
    Eh, who am I kidding? I doubt anyone will sit there and think: "Wow, I wish this book were longer!"
    If I'm lucky, they won't finish the book and think: "Great googly-moogly, what a waste of (sale price) that was!"
    This is all assuming the book is ever published. I have no idea what sort of uphill process it will be, but I will tell you that the agent I contacted a few weeks ago has not written back.

  • And because I want you, dearest reader, to be around when (if) my book is finally published, I am begging you to stay safe and wear protection.

  • Anybody want to go to a wedding?
    (Link sent to me by Nick)

  • All is well in Boston.

  • While they're sitting back and enjoying their Sam Adams this Saturday, Bostonians can reflect upon one of the finer aspects of the game of baseball -- medical quackery.

  • A Hooters in Shanghai? Yeah, I've had that dream.

  • However, if you go to China, don't bring home any of those dreaded Chinese socks.

  • I wish someone would do this to my place. Although, it would be my luck that they'd redecorate with a "country" motif; littering my home with Precious Moments figurines and "Bless This House" knick-knacks.

  • Traffic alert.

  • Winning the award for unwittingly having one of the coolest band names ever: these guys.
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