Friday, October 8, 2004

My own private rodent infestation

  • I will never again write an article that makes even passing reference to pet rats. Rat photos have been coming in fast and furious today. It would appear that someone posted my name to some rat-loving message board. While I am unnerved that such a board exists, I find it even more troubling that there are people out there who seem to think I really enjoy looking at pictures of rats. I am receiving e-mails with no subject, no message, just pictures of rats. I now have enough rat pictures to set up a rat porn Web site. Having viewed all these rat pictures, here's what I can tell you about rats: THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!
    And some of the photos are just plain disturbing. I don't care how much you love your pet, it needs to be kept clear of your foodstuffs. I mean, I love my wife, but I don't let her crawl all over my food (unless it's chocolate pudding, but that's a different circumstance).

  • Hi, I'm dumb as a post, but I refuse to admit it. In fact, I'm outraged that you would point out how dumb I am (*).

  • No childhood is complete without accidentally imbedding pencil lead deep into one's skin. I had always thought I was the pencil-dope champ, having managed to stab myself in the face in sixth grade. But this kid has me beat.

  • Singapore -- the booger-sized country!

  • I'm thinking of buying one of these for my wife.

    (*) I'm sorry, I can't resist pointing out that with the same set up, I could have linked to a story about Bush's reaction to the Duelfer report.
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