Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Not a whole lot like Dickens

  • Writers I have been compared to: Dave Barry, Nick Hornby, Bill Bryson, and today, Lewis Grizzard. Go me.
    There's really only one thing that separates me from those guys -- they have books.

  • I'm in a crappy mood today. Here's why.

  • I have chocolate ice cream in one hand and a piece of chocolate cake in the other. You can't have both. Which one do you want? For the love of Pete, it's not that hard to make a decision between two discernibly different things!

  • "Clare said Rabbit Hash is still the only community he knows of in the country to euthanize a public official."

  • I have cancelled my vacation to Vancouver.

  • I'll be going to Florida instead.

  • Somewhere in San Diego right now, there is a massive mariachi band looking for some new shirts.

  • Oh, and Meaghan: Ha ha ha ha ha ha (I'm sure I will regret this taunting shortly).

    Penny Gadget said...

    okay mr cope. okay.

    1. it was SANTANA
    2. mussina only let in like ONE run
    3. we crushed what little spirits those twins had the next night with the double-comeback 13-inning victory.
    4. they are bad at baseball
    5. we are good at baseball

    plus, come on, they're from *minnesota*. no one cool lives in minnesota, right? :-D

    Chris Cope said...

    It took 13 innings (12, actually, but if you want to count 13, OK) and the luck of a stupid mistake on the Twins' part. We're not done. I, for one, am already plotting where I will stand for the Twins' World Series victory parade.