Monday, October 4, 2004

Roll back the carpet

  • My wife and I are heading to our first Scottish country dancing course tonight. That's right, beeyotches -- I'm going to be the SCD master!

  • I am cancelling my vacation plans to Belgorod, Russia.

  • I am shocked -- shocked, I say -- to learn that there was drinking taking place amongst a rugby team.

  • Man, only three pounds? The Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors is clearly run by a load of fascists.

  • According to researchers who apparently have little else to do with their time, your car determines your candidate.

  • Bad news: they want it back.

  • Often I'll be writing a letter or grocery list and suddenly think: "I wonder if I have a fever."
    Hey! This is the perfect thing for me!

  • A few years ago, a TV station I worked for tested the durability of Peeps by dropping them from a building, running over them with a 30-ton crane, having the police shoot at them, and having firefighters apply the Jaws of Life. It would appear, however, that our work was not complete. There are more ways to test the survival skills of Peeps.

  • Elton John is my hero.

  • Because, you know, there are so many people in prison right now who are looking to settle a score with Martha.
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