Saturday, November 27, 2004

50,570 words and doped up on tryptophan

This has been both a hectic and short week. On Wednesday night my wife and I drove over to the suburban wonderland that is Bloomington, Minn., to spend the night at my parents' house; Rachel had again been given the default job of waking up early in the morning to put the turkey in the oven.

Before Rachel came along, my family was, well, pathetic when it came to Thanksgiving. I don't know really when or how the breakdown occurred, but somehow my family totally dropped the ball on Thanksgiving tradition. There was no turkey or stuffing or cranberry sauce or mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie. Usually we just ate out at Chili's. During my high school years, I took on the task of barbecuing beef ribs for Thanksgiving.

When Rachel first heard of my family's Thanksgiving traditions, or lack thereof, she was appalled. We might as well have said that it was a Thanksgiving tradition to torture puppies. So, she took on the primary role of cooking the turkey and delegated the other jobs as best she could.

Rachel's method of cooking the best turkey you've ever tasted is a 10-hour process. Just the thought of that level of work makes my family need to sit down.

So, we stayed over on Wednesday night. I went with my dad to pick up a truckload of firewood (it's been a pretty warm autumn, so he had yet to buy any) and then Rachel and I dragged the guest-bedroom mattress in front of the fireplace and I had all kinds of good thoughts as I drifted off to sleep that night in the flickering orange light.

On Thursday morning we got up, put in the turkey, went for a run and then made breakfast. I pulled out my parents' Christmas tree, set it up, put the lights on and put on all the decorations.

My brother and his wife came over and Thanksgiving was perfect. We ate until we couldn't tolerate anymore food; then we had pie. Rachel and I spent the night at my parents' hose again on Thursday night because it almost felt like vacation, being away from home.

So, the end result is that I really only had today to write. And much of my day was spent working on a project that you are more than welcome to help me with if you speak Welsh.

It's just past midnight now and I have a blinding headache. Perhaps I'll blog a little more (and a little more clearly) tomorrow.

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