Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Absence of thought

  • Here's a random memory: When I was attending Moorhead State University (formerly known under the names Moorhead State Teacher's College and Moorhead State College, and presently known as Minnesota State University, Moorhead) I once spent all day and $25 playing the "Addams Family" pinball game in the student union. I played for so long that the muscles in my forearms hurt. I'm not sure what those muscles are called. If you turn your arm so that your palm is facing up, whatever muscle or muscles that run from the wrist to the crook of your arm -- those are the muscles I'm talking about (after extensive Googling I have determined that they are either extensors, flexors or rotators).
    A day or two later, during a phone call to my girlfriend at the time, I happened to mention my strange obsessive behavior. She yelled at me for no less than 30 minutes.
    "Chris, you just don't think," she said over and over again.
    Good times.

  • A few questions about this match: England, why are you so bad when you could be so good? Wayne Rooney, what the hell was your problem? Spanish supporters, what century are you living in?

  • Well, duh.

  • TiVo has given in to the dark side.

  • If superheroes were to relocate to Minneapolis-St. Paul, would it work out?

  • It seems you've got the makings of some sort of Disney buddy/road movie here.

  • You know, I think I would describe this relationship as a little more than just "up and down."

  • There are some Americans that have trouble grasping British humor. Perhaps this is because one of the pillars of British comedy involves having men dress up in women's clothing.
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    Greg said...

    I love McSweeneys.

    Also, Cross-dressing day was cancelled at my brother's high school this year as well. It was a flamboyant success in the years I attended.