Monday, November 22, 2004

Ha, ha. Joke's on you, Rachel

  • "Whoa, I'm an ugly dude."
    Ever have one of those days? When you just happen to glance in the mirror and think: What the hell happened there? I am one aesthetically unpleasant mutha.
    Last night, my wife asked if I thought she would still be attractive when she's 40. She doesn't drink or smoke, as a master's degree in healthy eating, and works out no less than four times a week. I'm guessing she'll look just fine. Me, on the other hand... What in the world was my wife thinking in marrying me? What a horrible investment I've turned out to be.

  • Yeesh. Don't these people have Christmas shopping to do? That's what we do after elections -- begrudgingly accept the result and hotfoot it to IKEA.

  • Beard Lube?!!

  • I'll bet it was "fun." Thanks for bringing pride to the family name, Nate.

  • Bono sings: "And there'll be no cheese in Vermont this Christmas."

  • A bazooka? Do people just have those lying around?

  • Consuming the same product over and over again seems to be pretty popular these days. I would like to point out that I did it first. But with Guinness.

    Greg said...

    I worked in the cheese section of a specialty foods shop this past summer. The cheese vandalism makes me cry. I mean honestly, how can you dislike cheese so much that you want to destroy it?

    Chris Cope said...

    I picture you, Greg, weeping like the Indian in the old Keep America Beautiful adverts.

    C-8 said...

    thanks for using the phrase "beard lube" - now i've got it stuck in my head and it's all i can think about... and ew, okay?

    Chris Cope said...

    Yeeha, a new reader. Welcome to the crapfest, Cate.