Wednesday, November 10, 2004

In the beginning there was Tom Jones. And he was good

  • Yeesh. What's the point of even playing if you can't do this?

  • Not at all creepy. OK, maybe a little.

  • We all know that Bill Clinton is to blame for the degradation of marriage, but I am shocked to learn this holy union didn't last.

  • Obviously America needs to turn itself over to a higher power: Tom Jones.

  • I think I've mentioned that my co-workers and I take a strange delight in being forced to reading the "blog" from potential University of Nebraska football prodigy Harrison Beck. This week's choice Harrison quote: "It will be my glory filled moment in P.E. history."

  • Mmmm. Yummy.

  • Today seemed to be a great day for food on the highway: You've got a choice of lamb, chicken or beef. And a few thousand gallons of Jack Daniels to wash it down.

  • "One of the best pilots I've ever seen." Indeed.
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