Monday, November 29, 2004

Still waiting for the air-check

  • I forgot to mention this on Thursday, but this blog is now six months old. I started it so I would have something to direct listeners to when I was a guest on a radio show. I never actually got the opportunity to do that, though -- probably for the best.
    Side note: I never received the tape from that show, despite the fact that the show's producer twice contacted me to get my address.
    No matter. I quite enjoy blogging, it gives me the opportunity to develop acquaintances around the world. I fully expect to cash in on those acquaintances -- please have your guestrooms ready.

  • Hey, add a Bob Marley CD to this and you get free shipping. What a deal.

  • I think this is how the Civil War got started, isn't it?

  • Latest weapon of terror: coffee makers.

  • Keep in mind, however, that the danger still exists from cell phones.
    Apparently it's the battery that's causing the phones to explode, which raises concern for the batteries in other products.

  • Informing The Nation: Son Injured During Accidental Deer Hunting Accident
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