Thursday, November 11, 2004


  • November is a sweeps month. Advertising rates are set based on the number of viewers a program pulls in during sweeps, so it is usually during this time that producers go out of their way to draw in as many people as possible. It is during November that your favorite TV characters will usually be brought back from the dead.
    Television news is certainly no less desperate for your attention, and it is during this time that you will see usually see some really high-quality journalism.

  • In my professional capacity as a copy editor today I read about the deaths of 94 people, including a woman that was "butchered alive," a Marine who worked with developmentally disabled teens, and an 11-pound 4-year-old found in a picnic cooler. I'd say that number is about average for what I read each day. I need to find a more cheerful line of work.

  • Actually, it would appear he was teaching a teenager how not to rock climb.

  • Yet another reason I really, really hate cancer.

  • Last night I watched the Frontline program "The Persuaders" (which was fascinating, by the way) and found myself with mixed feelings about the fact that I don't fit into my demographic. I am a white a white male, aged 18-34 of Anglo-Saxon Protestant heritage who drives a pickup truck and likes watching rodeo. Based on this information, I should be buying certain products and upholding certain beliefs. But, for the most part, I don't really fit in that group.
    On one hand, I am proud to say that I am an individual who cannot be pigeonholed. On the other hand, I don't fit in, man.

  • "Dude. We need a tank."
    "A tank? When will we ever use that?"
    "Uhm. I don't know. But it would be so cool. I'm sure we'll find a reason."

  • About one out of every four licensed drivers in Texas owns a pickup truck; about the same as Minnesota. Strangely, Iowa has us beat.
    (More fun vehicle facts here)

  • I could not find any statistics on the number of people in Grantsburg, Wis., who own a banjo.

  • If you're going to be arrested, you might as well be arrested wearing a goofy T-shirt.

  • Wouldn't you like to have this guy as a neighbor?

  • Monkey + chain restaurant + power lines = Hilarious.

  • Great googly-moogly! Barry Manilow has 43 albums.

  • Finally! The film we've all been waiting for.

  • "I asked them if I could keep it, but they said 'no.'" -- What the heck is wrong with ESPN?
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