Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Welsh invented money laundering

  • Welsh-American A Llewellyn Morris Humphrey -- aka Murray The Hump -- died of a heart attack in Chicago on this day in 1965.
    A close associate of Al Capone, he was born in Chicago in 1899 of Welsh parentage.
    In the late 1920s he became Al Capone's agent in corrupting laundry money and trade unions - the terms 'money laundering' and 'being taken to the cleaners' are thought to originate from his work with Al Capone.
    While working for the mob he was given the nickname Murray The Hump.

  • "Changing Rooms" is no more. But I'm sure it will live on forever on BBC America. I am convinced that "BBC America" is a conjunction of the two things that BBC America's program director hates most in life. He or she seems hell-bent on presenting the least interesting elements of the BBC over and over and over again. "Changing Rooms" airs four times tonight on BBC America.
    They cancelled "Eastenders" but they show "Are You Being Served?" I hate you, BBC America.

  • Best e-card I've seen in a while.

  • Isn't this a Steve Martin routine?

  • On Martha Stewart's website she has a message to her fans that says:
    "Supporters have sent more than 15,000 emails. I have also received thousands of letters. I cherish them all. While I can’t answer each note personally, I want you to know that I am well."
    Eh? She's in prison. What the hell else does she have to do other than answer mail?

  • The WWE is hurting. Why? Two words: Spike Dudley.
    Any company that thinks Spike Dudley deserves the push he's getting is going to tank. I don't care what he did in ECW, he's not doing it now; never has done in WWE. He has no charisma, no microphone skills, no look, and no real ring skills to speak of.
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    Esther Wilberforce-Packard said...

    I hate you too, "BBC America!" Kiss my ass! Gareth and the jellied stapler! Show that one again!