Monday, December 6, 2004

Dear God, what is that thing?

After mentioning my teeth in a recent post, I decided to take a picture, so you can see what I'm talking about:

But I am so ashamed of my teeth, that I can't even legitimately show them to you to make fun of myself. This is the closest that I will allow myself -- look how I'm forcing myself to keep my lips apart as I take the picture.
The picture does, however, give you a pretty good view of my oh-so-sexy crooked nose.

This picture shows the oddity of my proboscis even more:

It's crooked like that because it was broken by a baseball bat when I was a young man. I was the catcher for a pick-up game and leaned in too much to catch a pitch, causing the batter to foul tip off my face. Good times.

Perhaps the only real plus to looking the way I do is the fact that I don't look like anyone else (pity the poor soul that would look like me). Regardless, every once in a while someone will come up with a totally off-base celebrity comparison.
Years ago, someone told me I looked like Roger Daltrey from The Who. My best friend, Eric, insists upon comparing me to Jon Stewart. As I say, Eric is way off-base, but here I am doing my best to impersonate a stock Jon Stewart facial expression:


Crystal said...

crookedness = character

and there is nothing wrong with your teeth.

perhaps you are crazy.

yes. perhaps so.

Crystal said...

p.s. if hugh grant and johnny bravo got together and decided to have a baby (johnny would have to carry the child, of course, because he is a cartoon and can obtain a uterus much easier than hugh grant), then i belive the offspring would look just like you. just like you indeed!