Friday, December 17, 2004

Do you like piña coladas?

  • What is your favorite time of day?
    I will share with you a little secret about marriage: It doesn't seem like a particularly great idea at the offset to us, either. But marriage is based love and faith -- two things completely beyond the spectrum of human understanding.
    My dad's advice to me before I proposed to Rachel was simply: "Love just is." If you love someone, there's not much you can do beyond that. You can try to pretend that you have some sort of control over it by scheduling dates around it and reading all sorts of books, but that's bollocks. It just is.
    I wasn't sure. I didn't have our lives charted out on bar graphs, but for some reason that is deeply inexplicable* to me, I asked Rachel to marry me. And when she said yes, there was a part of me that thought: "No, you weren't supposed to actually say yes. What the hell are we doing?"
    About a month before Rachel and I were married, due to a series of events that is tedious to set up, I found myself sitting at an outside table at a Chevy's in Las Vegas with Rachel and my best friends, Paul and Eric. As Paul, Eric and I gulped Negra Modelo from comedy giant chalices, Paul looked out on the sunset and the perfect of the early evening and said to Rachel: "I can see why you would live in the desert" (Rachel grew up in the southern Utah desert).
    And I looked over at her and I thought: "Hey, wow, I'm going to marry her." And that's when I realized that it was right.

  • You know who is to blame for this, don't you? Bill Clinton.

  • Knowing that I am older than Jenny's boy, yet possess more hair has made my day.

  • There's something quaintly civil about the fact that you can be kicked out of the British House of Commons for refusing to apologize after calling someone a "backstabbing coward."

    *Well, perhaps not deeply inexplicable -- she's hot and is good in bed.
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    Jenny said...

    That picture at the bottom was taken about a year before we met.

    Look what living with me has done to the poor chap! He looks like a convict.