Monday, December 27, 2004

I am the victim of a series of accidents, as are we all

  • Here's a handy working tip: If you have to write up evaluations on several dozen people, you should put them all off until 3 a.m. on the day they are due. Sure, you may have been given a solid three weeks, but you'll offer a much more objective and intelligent evaluation if it's done in a sleep-deprived panic.
    It's probably for the best that I am consistently passed up for management roles.

  • Timothy Blackshear is doing his part to keep health costs low.

  • Ladies and gentlemen: Me, age 47.

  • The holiday season can be pretty lonely. Sometimes people respond to that loneliness with bad ideas.

  • Have you ever had one of those moments in life when everything sort of slows down and you take everything in and think: "Wow. How did I end up here?"
    Sometimes those moments of introspection can be a good thing, like when you're in a car on the way back from skiing with friends -- your head resting against the window and exhaustion pushing you down into the seat. And you think: "All the places I've been and all the twists and turns of my life have deposited me here in this moment; in this car with my friends with the cold ebbing away from my face and happiness all around me, and this is alright."
    At other times, these moments can be a bad thing, like when you're face down in a McDonald's parking lot with a cop's knee pressing into your back, having just shot to death a transgender prostitute. You can almost sense that somewhere, deep in that Marine's brain, mixed with the chaos surrounding him, the smell of oil in the pavement, the pain of beanbag rounds, a bullet, and gravel, he had to think: "Well, this has turned out really poorly."
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