Monday, December 13, 2004

I made it out of clay

  • I get a lot of e-mail at work. When I came back in after a week off today, there were 5,423 e-mail messages in my inbox.

  • I was thinking today about when I was a boy in Houston and we made dreidels at church. A bit of an odd thing to do at Methodist Sunday school, perhaps.

  • What I'll be buying my dad for Christmas.

  • Latest weapon of terror: collard greens.

  • But, more people are riding roller coasters. Take that, terrorists.

    Crystal said...

    you are from houston? yay! i knew you were awesome!

    Chris Cope said...

    I'm not sure I can say that I'm from Houston. I was born in Austin, moved to Dallas (Irving, to be exact), moved to Houston and then moved to Minnesnowta (and so on and so on). Of the 11 cities I've lived in so far in my life, the one I spent the most time in was Bloomington, Minn.

    However, the whole of my extended family (except for my Aunt Sissy and Uncle Ray who live in Alabama) live in Brazoria County, Texas -- just down Highway 288 from Houston.

    When we lived in Houston, we lived in Sharpstown. But I attended fourth and fifth grades with the rich kids in Spring Branch, because my mother was a teacher there. In our last year in Houston, we moved to a place that had a pool and I got a dog and I was pretty sure we were rich.

    We lived next to a guy who had once been a cowboy hat magnate but had somehow squandered away his fortune. His house was filled with boxes and boxes of cowboy hats. His son watched the Weather Channel with religious devotion and dreamed of being a weatherman. That kid, a kid who wanted to be an orthodontist and I were part of a small group of white kids attending Welch Middle School.